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tv   [untitled]    May 8, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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it's now a hair and i'll say the weeds top stories now america's most wanted terrorists killed five cheap spring sharon carleton this is true but leaving some puzzled by consistency from the united states version of events a similar refusal is usually pictures of the fallen banal the sporty feeling conspiracy theory it's. hazy member look at siphoning support from the navy and rebels with washington silence release these frozen assets the russian realizes
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unfoldment is getting dangerously close to a ground invasion. troops and time is under arrest in syria with no signs of an end to the pricing washington in the e.u. deploy sanctions to force the regime to end its pilot crackdown on its citizens some eight hundred people have reportedly been killed since the uprising began only two months ago. and moscow prepares to roll out the big guns for the annual ground victory day parade pelton's forget the highlights of the rehearsals talking to survivors exploring how today's younger generations feel about the fight for freedom and. become one of the world's most talked about man don't just because of his whistleblower web site but because of his outspoken opinions as well his interview is next. julian thanks for talking to r.t. now through the course of your work it's reasonable to assume that you have started
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insights into how political decisions are being made what do you make of the recent events in the middle east and north africa do you think that we're seeing genuine social unrest or are we seeing some kind of orchestrated revolt and if so who do you think is behind all this with a genuine change in some parts of the little things i mean egypt is a critical phase i was concerned in the beginning of the egyptian revolution as to when will we just sort of changing of the chair so that you know maybe something same existing power structure when something really different was happening but after mubarak played kyra you saw really revolutions occurring in every institution we've seen here for example to the clock so that that's the sort of change it's hard to know what's happening in some other countries is different so the situation in libya is clearly has involvement of state actors in it for me or
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it's not something it's being driven by because now it is normal for the neighboring countries to have interconnections with each other and activists in different countries and meet in different countries businesses in different countries and states from the neighboring countries that's normally when outside forces from very very far flung countries start to take an aggressive role in the regional affair. then we have to look a bit more insight into what's going on as normal so what's happening in libya for example is not normal and social networking what role do you think sites like facebook and twitter have played in the revolutions in the middle east how easy would you say it is to manipulate media like facebook in particular. most appalling spying machine that has ever been granted he we have the world's most comprehensive started that it's got people everybody ships and
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a mysterious and they have occasions communications going to each other the relative coal seam united states. all accessible to you listen to me facebook. google yahoo all these made in recent days have anyplace and for u.s. intelligence. it's not a matter of serving a subpoena they have an interface and they have developed for us intelligence communities now is it pick a state facebook. is actually run by your sentiment no it's not like no it's simply that u.s. intelligence is able to bring to bear legal and political pressure to them and it's costly for them to hand out records on going on so they have automated the process everyone should understand that. when they had their friends to facebook they are doing free work for the united states intelligence agencies including these
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databases with let's talk about. it in a system of wiki leaks cables that have been released they show the u.k. as a haven for extremism with at least thirty five guantanamo detainees having at least past three you k. is the u.k. still a haven for terrorists still being a haven for terrorists but it is certainly a haven for all the darks and former regime and sort of come here i mean you remember the famous pinochet trial for the execution of permission from the u.k. which the if that's your resistance. incredibly using a lawyer that is involved in trying to fix it right now me from the united kingdom now part of that is perhaps going to an example of true people who isn't in the united kingdom everyone come here taking. on the other hand there does seem to be
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at least connect between is it really supporting free speech act was like me you come to the u.k. but on the other hand it is. supporting people like sons of gadhafi and. their information why has wiki leaks released it now i mean it seems sort of sort of to be to be off to the fact is it because obama has recently announced his we're election campaign and obviously we're closing guantanamo was one of his main election promises was a number of reasons why we released now. the primary one is that we are a small organization very committed and last year we came under it's extraordinary attack dog all these things continue to go on and so they really dampen down their ability to move quickly because the timing is good obama has given not only closing guantanamo and it's decided to reopen the drug prices and we now have a situation where even the ministration is that forty eight of these people are
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doing just one of them are completely innocent and they should be sent something i mean a painter and somebody so you completely innocent people incarcerated for years and years and years no trial and no one really know no country will rethink how it's really takes for the united states has made from its problems. with nine states was involved in rounding up these innocent people setting up a process that was from the very beginning corrupt there's a reason why they're in guantanamo and not on the u.s. mainland and not you know our country. and that reason was to hide them and keep them outside of a war just like you have caribbean island from creation money laundering roads going to was engaging people hearing let's move on and talk about your media partners one of which is the guardian with whom you are now involved in a dispute that you chose them as your primary english language partner for
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distributing that weeklies cables and now guardian journalists to publish this book on wiki leaks which you say is an attack on you how would you describe thawing that the guards is the guardian starts on whistle blowing and media freedom in general and they are publishing organizations so close they want as much right for them to publish it is as possible that's a natural self interest what they have done with this cable cooking i mean you see incredible reduction over reduction of this is they have pushed the right with the people to know it's a very very age when what they're concerned about is any possible attack on even though we have seen this sort of abuse. of the material that we have provided. several times and the guardian guardian is the worst offender but we saw it also by
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new york plains new york times where you directed a sixty two page cable to two programs and this is completely against the agreement that we routinely set up of on november. last year that agreement was that the only reductions that should take place are to protect people's lives and should be no other. production not to protect reputation not not to protect the guardian's profit i think only to protect lives what happens in the west is that there is no border between the state which is the commercial interests and the ages of the state as a result of privatizing nation i thought i was there and blew it out into the ages of companies and so when you look at how the guardian behaves or how the new york times behaves. it is part of that image of corporate and state interests seamlessly bringing to project the guardian's concern predominantly about being
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criticized by these powerful interests about more suit security agents that are driven by oligarchs driven by people powerful enough to push. a court case forward let's talk a little bit about you and what you're going through at the moment you are currently fighting extradition to sweden what are your phase should you be extradited back the problem is in two parts. you know i had states he's trying to get up next edition case for me because united states just today we see a new subpoena coming out of the secret grand jury that is operating you know xander virginia is trying to get up and it's been a large case against them. is. building their
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case and whatever country i mean once it decides to in fact they will try to make struck me from their country and possibly not just me possibly are stuck. the other problem with the sweet execution is that the process itself has been corrupted. so it was corrupted from the very beginning and we're seeing corruption that's when it's media we've seen. all sorts of strange actions in relation to know how these cases progressed what message you think it would send to the world it's a u.k. did turn around almost unexpectedly at this point it seems and refused to extraditing only which country so here's the sort of calculation it's going on in the united kingdom. united kingdom it wants to get the various levels wants because it's good relationship with united states. so it's a u.k.
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was to reject the us extradition order that would pose terrible problems similarly if it was to we took the swedish example that would pose problems for it because it would look like it was seething from harlem and this is the sort of difficult situation in afghanistan we repeatedly think was harboring in large. groups of response to any country which he used to be harboring us as united states of trying to conduct its aggressive response. faces week oppressions the united kingdom. does came to expect me the united states. then it faces a difficult position weekly. which is the ball court people who support us and finally julian who do you consider to be our number one enemy. number one enemy
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is ignorance. and i believe that is the number one enemy everybody. use not understanding what it actually going on in the world and so on you when you start to understand that you can make effective decisions and effective plans. chris and you say with promoting ignorance all those organisations they try to keep things secret. and those organizations which distort true information to make it false misrepresented in this latter category. it is bad media. it really is my my opinion that the media in general are so bad. we have to question whether the world would be better off without them all together . there is no distorting of how the world actually needs. to the result is we see wars of myths and corrupt governments continuing war one of the
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hopeful themes of hope is covered is that really a reward it is thought of in the past fifty years has been a result of media lies in the media couldn't stop it if they had searched the block if they hadn't requested government propaganda are they going to stop what does that mean that means basically populations like words and populations have to be fooled into walls copulations that we've only been open we open our eyes going to war so if we have a good media environment then we'll also have a peaceful environment. thank you very much.
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twenty years ago the largest country in the. disappearance of. what have you. began a journey. where did it take the. week's top stories america's most wanted terrorists is killed by its troops bringing cheering crowds on the streets but even some puzzled by inconsistency the united states a version of events you say were refusal to shape pictures of the soul of the north and sporty a fuming conspiracy theory its. naysay members look at signing support for the libyan rebels from washington sania to release khadafi has frozen assets but russia warns the alliances and volquez is getting dangerously close to the ground invasion . troops at times and arrests in syria with no signs of an enterprising
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washington in the e.u. deploy sanctions to force the regime to end its father crackdown on its citizens so eight hundred people have a force of them been killed since the uprising began almost two months ago. and moscow to plans to roll out the big guns for the annual ground victory day parade all tees looking at the highlights from the real housewives talking to survivors and exploring how today's younger generations feel about the fight for freedom and unions and now with the latest up and well the steve forbes good to see you so eight so weeks then of the surprises that we just keep coming to in the russian prominently as i can tell you i can't remember the last time a team from. all. or the sporting strongholds in russia didn't leave the premier league it is two teams could go on and on g. they are at the top at the moment and the big question though is can they play that mungo that is the question as you say were it weeks in twenty two to go we're going
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to have a lot of football before the end of more about coming up in just a second as well. to have your company this is sports today i'm you know neal let's take a look at the stories we're covering this hour. brink ruster russia lose to defending champions the czech republic at the world ice hockey championships but there feel this is already assured. nothing between them title chasing dean. it tasty moscow darby before finishing all square in the capital. and on your bike the annual five rings of moscow adventure race is in the third year with the kremlin no less. the center. more not in just a moment not one of the biggest rivalries in international i saw he has finished up
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this year's world championship russia going down to the czech republic in the group stages three suit how it ended up slovakia alexander ovechkin being in the first showing his first game since joining off of the squad after the washington capitals were don't talk of the n.h.l. playoffs the czechs on russia were already through to the second launch however in group f. sweden's win over switzerland was enough to see the swiss eliminated from this years of. staying in promise last where the continental heat will see another country join its ranks let's put rugs becoming the first slovakian club to sign up there with the best insults against the giants of the european game so. you lie and say they're winning their first few trials last month begins the next season italian all coming side then milan devils are also hoping to get the go ahead for
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the scene. to the russian premier league where the spoils help ensured in the loo. darby. securing peace in sunday's opening fixture it was the visitors from the secure the lead surrogate machine which credited with the final touch after just four minutes of play one will see. i wonder strike from under broon in then drew to normal level right before the heart time whistle brilliant from the former liverpool man however the army man looked to have secured all three points from sea to do be headed home ten minutes from time the term and don't forget ensuring a point thanks to mark or locke each offer for the good work from her own in both sides move up to twelve points after seventy. two sides are three points behind surprised. and she champions in each had the opportunity to go on the table one
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one draw with luck motif put paid to darts of her own car moved off bottom on odds of the drop zone thanks to two one win away to start law school while the made table clash between the routine boys f.c. krasnodar went the way of the home side. talking english football now where munch united have all but secured the premier league title alex ferguson's charges beating chelsea on sunday meaning they are now full six points clear of the blues with just two games to go first off right from happier than this one hundred money admit it should make a difference after all try for frank lampard did manage a sixty eight minute reply. to be chelsea's so highlight a fourth league title in five years now looks for all the world to be united arsenal slim that slim hopes all florrie were done for by stokes before the us losing three one to fix on the stadium while the wolves edge their we are off the
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relegation zone pretty c. of a three one win over west. we have our champions meanwhile. in surrey are milan clinching the italian two games early thanks to a draw against roma last scenary fans taking to the streets following the new little scoreline with the romans on saturday it's milan's first title since two thousand and four the win also in city rivals interest five year domination of the domestic championship it also puts milan level with enter an eighteen league titles but it's eventis who can still post a record twenty percent. on the formula one circuit reeling champion sebastian vettel was added to his overall lead in impressive fashion the red bull driver making it three wins from four races after a dominant display at the turkish crown prix the german leaving for their majority of the race patiently leaving his competition in the dust with plenty of time to spur red bull teammate mark webber and ferrari's fernando alonso second on third by
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a large margin lewis hamilton started and finished the race and fourth while nico rosberg dropped the fifth after starting to take from second place rushing to tell you to trough began in seventh and ended up in it place in his. to basketball i'm putting my costs are the new champions of europe the greeks winning their thirty euro league title and five years after the susan b. tell of the in the final it is this six conference n.p.p. demetrius t.m. monte this too celebrated his thirty first birthday today as it goes toward sixteen points and he was very instrumental in closing the game i for the shamrocks and i think i cost move up to second in the overall mission table alongside system moscow . police state eight top it's. ok boxing a money pit hero has once again successfully defended his w b o welterweight title
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this time against sugar shane mosley in las vegas fourteenth street victory. a third defeat in a row for his opponents mostly knocked down early on for only the third time in eighteen years in the ring pocky securing the win by unanimous decision with thirty nine all mostly standing afterwards the filipino was the best piper he's ever faced . suffering just nicely the golfer thomas aiken one his maiden european tour title in spain the south african dedicating his victory to the late local golfing hero. himself won the event three times twenty seven will climb to the top of the leaderboard of the halfway stage and shoot impressive consistency just the other eighteen though in this very physicians' three times already six none was intent on not letting the civil war go a begging to go he's the only glare machine on his school card to go along with birdies memorable to start with these dane under his hunts in the close this month
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. i'm old kingdom has won the most prestigious event in american horseracing the kentucky derby as a twenty to one long shot jockey john for law school is replacing the injured robbie for one epic right the first triple crown event of the season so a shock of hurt pool delete past the halfway mark but watch as animal kingdom went to work with the finish line in sight putting all his strength into the final stretch the an easing run started in sixth place before finishing with the underdog ahead by with and she lands dialed in who was most favored by the pistons of florida won it was way done in an eight so great way to points back for a loss for his initial ride until now was rushed from the race she threw a stomach ailment all in or the musingly for truth as to where the winner. brings us to cycling finally where the third stage of the five rings of moscow race
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was in need of a photo finish on saturday local not alexander. breakoff taking the wind while the overall champion will be decided on monday about his victory day here in russia robert's annual reports. witnessing the world's top riders settle scores that privilege many of those who were just taking a walk in downtown moscow were given silly the third stage of the firings of most stories taking place in the very heart of the russian capital. three laps around the walls of one of russia's mainland marks for killing of their speech. friendly ringgit stage russian team could do shop girls listening double the overall standings drumcree took their place in the living group with different riders taking turns trying to break away from the pelton. oval none of them managed to
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keep their advantage up to the ends. and that was still anyone's worries at the last lap stage the destined to be decided in the dying seconds it was because schweitzer from german team shark along with the rushes alexander sibley course were the first to cause the finishing line shoulder to shoulder with no similar eating victory for ever there can be only one of the top of the podium f.o. to finish signaling the slightest of advantages for the russian still a few kilometers to the finish the germans started to doubt the unthinkable and i just try to catch up with them and keep the tempo in the last one hundred metres i managed to overtake them a bit despite that when i was giving my all and one that was with two or three guys again when the rays are maybe a quarter ahead so we have to see how their day is and then monday's loss nature
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will be fed raise with the wind i said i think so then we can see where better chances to win. with third play. ok and nourish corkers some member of be sure you're not scare the germans could be content with a hard day's work plenty more action one head with a point a couple stages of the firings of most all raise up for consideration this big three day weekend. robert grill in your own artsy musk you can always going to get a spot of recognition from the fans as well that is all your sport i'll see short. hungry for the full summer we've got it first the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on the party.
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all. the buildings the grand central church in limbo and. the. polish president combined with the fabled frizzled beatriz's. taj mahal hotel charges some of her town's hotel.


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